Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Girly Swot Phenomenon

Do you ever think that you have heard it all?

That life has no further concepts that you need to digest and that you have people completely figured out? Then along comes some crystalline encapsulation of a concept that you have been struggling with for ages and that advances your understanding and clarifies what was a fuzzy concept.

I was recently complaining to an old aquaintance with many years in Information Technology last week about folk that just don't seem capable of thinking for themselves... You know the types, they have the skills and they certainly have the brains, but when they are confronted with a problem something seems to paralyse their ability to operate effectively and they neeed to, infuriatingly, be supervised over stuff that you know they could do if they had the initiative.

My friend then explained that is why he never employs folks with firsts from university. Many of these folk seem to fall into the not quite capable though smart and trained category as I have noticed myself, and so hence, the concept of the Girly Swots who put their heads down and plough through exams while seemingly bereft of initiative when they need to put that all into practice.

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