Saturday, February 18, 2006

At Last!

I can finally uninstall Adobe Reader! Hooray! Adobe Reader absolutely must be the single most irritating software there is. Over the years the quality of the reader has generally been poor and the recent quality improvements have been a trade-off against its nasty insistence on litterring your machine with garbage.

By garbage I mean the AdobeLauncher exe that insiduously installs itself in the startup folder so that it can then launch adobe reader without it taking forever. Hack or what!

Then there's the insistence on firstly downloading the adobe downloader that is apparently necessary simply in order to install adobe reader. Adobe downloader then tries to install lots of other stuff in the process. If I want Yahoo Toolbar on my machine I'll download it from Yahoo thank you very much.

Then theres the irritating habit the downloader has of prompting you to upgrade stuff you actually don't want.

All thanks to a great piece of free software called Foxit.

It does everything that Adobe reader does that you'd ever need.

After getting Real Alternative, now my life is complete. I'll never need realplayer or adobe reader littering my machine with garbage and phoning home whenever they want.


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