Tuesday, January 31, 2006

You dont need to be Part of an Agile team to be Agile.

You just need the tools.

How would the Microsofties say it? Visual Studio Rocks!
Although I am now working with a team that has somewhat traditional but sound working practices, I do have the freedom to develop in an Agile manner.

Test Driven (where appropriate).
NUnit 2.2.5 is excellent.
TestDriven.Net allows tests to be run individually by right clicking in the code of the test method and selecting RunTests or Test With->Debugger

The refactoring functionality with Visual Studio 2005 is great. Fortunately, they have done a really good job with the essentials which in my opinion are renaming, encapsulate field and extract method.

Nightly Builds.
Build Scripts are a thing of the past! FinalBuilder is the Visual Studio IDE for scripts. It does it all and reduces maintenance, debugging and sneaky undetectable errors.

I’m Pairing with myself though. I guess that talking to myself doesn’t count though?

In the absence of a critical pair partner. Damn I miss that so much! I use a far sterner TaskMaster to keep my code on the straight and narrow. FxCop.

And for those pesky missed semi-colons there is VisualAssistX. I have just downloaded the latest version. Intellisense in string literals and comments. You Just can’t beat it.

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